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Rumble Hockey is offering content creators a 100% revenue share | Pocket Gamer.biz

Rumble Hockey will give content creators 100 per cent of the revenue earned through players they bring to the game.

This will be tracked by unique links to download the game provided by to the creators, which will then be shared along with their content. This is for the first 30 days after the player downloads the game, which is now scheduled for launch on May 19th.

Supporting creators

The reason for the generous share of revenue is that creators can heavily influence the number of downloads a game gets. Previously, games by Frogmind have seen an increase in installs, engagement and revenue through creators’ audiences.

Usually, the publisher and developer use advertising agencies. However, it believes it is more beneficial to give the money to creators as it stays in the games community that way.

The Supercell-owned studio soft-launched Rumble Hockey earlier this month. It remains available to download in Canada, Finland, France, Spain, Australia and Romania.

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