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Rumored Apple Headphones Could Have Customizable Parts

Apple’s long-rumored over-ear headphones will likely arrive later this year with an onus on customizability. In a new report, Bloomberg claims the Cupertino, California-based company is developing premium, modular headphones that you would be able to personalize through swappable ear pads and headband paddings.

There will be reportedly two variations of these headphones, that Bloomberg says, have been in development since 2018. One of them will have a high-end leather finish, while the other will be aimed at fitness enthusiasts with “lighter, breathable materials with small perforations” — likely similar to the perforated Apple Watch wrist bands.

The highlight of these wireless headphones will be their ear pads and headband padding that will attach to the frame magnetically allowing users to easily replace them. In addition to enabling an element of personalization, this will also prove handy for those who’d like to occasionally switch between comfort and fitness use. Plus, the feature will make the headphones a lot more lucrative for Apple which will be able to profit even after the user purchases them through a range of add-on accessories.

What’s more, the report adds that they will possibly have a retro look with a familiar set of oval-shaped ear cups and a headband that connects to their tops (as opposed to the cups’ sides) over thin, metallic arms.

These headphones will inherit the same noise cancellation and wireless tech found in the AirPods Pro. On top of that, similar to AirPods, they will be equipped with a minimal set of touch controls and largely rely on Siri’s voice commands for control.

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