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Solitaire Grand Harvest celebrates Earth Day 2020 | Pocket Gamer.biz

Supertreat’s Solitaire Grand Harvest is launching a series of environmentally-conscious events as part of Earth Day 2020.

The game’s two million DAUs will be able to take part in forest restoration mission, beach cleaning activities, and recycling competitions as part of the celebrations. Each activity will provide its own rewards for players.

Players will also be able to watch their very own “giving tree” grow as part of the activities. The tree represents the impact that environmentally-friendly actions can have on the global ecosystem.

Inspiring change

“It is a privilege to be supporting Earth Day 2020. We want to ensure that, even under lockdown, the 50th Earth Day inspires more people than ever before to think about the importance of our natural world and the threats posed by climate change and pollution,” said Solitaire Grand Harvest game owner Yuval Dor.

“Our in-game activities portray a fundamental message – together, small actions by individuals can make a world of difference.”

Playtika, the company that owns Supertreat, is also donating to the charity Feeding America through its game Bingo Blitz. Players will be able to help donate one million meals to vulnerable people and children who can no longer get access to free school lunches.

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