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Sony slip-ups: ahead of the PS5, we look back at the PlayStation tech that just didn't work

As we motor towards the next generation of consoles, Sony currently holds all of the cards and will be looking to build upon the monumental success it found during the current generation. It’s sometimes easy to forget just how well the PlayStation 4 has sold, with more than 102 million sales worldwide, making the system the second best-selling console of all time (not including handhelds). 

Furthermore, as we approach the launch of the PlayStation 5, it’s always fascinating to see what new products and devices Sony will concoct – for better or worse. After all, Sony loves to get a bit weird. Who can forget the infamous ‘Boomerang’ DualShock unveiled at the PlayStation 3 conference? Though the controller never released, it’s become hugely memorable… for all the wrong reasons. 

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