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Suddenly working from home? Here's how to make sure your message still gets across

There’s an age-old tale in the Australian Outback: you might be able to pick-up two-and-a-half TV channels – and even then, only sometimes – but so long as you can clearly hear what’s happening, you can put up with a surprisingly bad picture. That’s a lesson that’s rapidly being learned again, now that so many of us are working from home and communicating with multiple colleagues – often on computing equipment which was chosen for reasons that had little to do with video conferencing.

It’s something that many professional YouTubers and Twitch streamers also know all too well, which is why you see them talking into mics that look like they were forged by a blacksmith and used by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn and Percy Grainger 80 years ago. Microphone technology might have advanced and miniaturised a great deal since then – as so many mobile phones and hands-free kits can attest to – but the laws of physics dictate that a larger, more-solid microphone will capture better audio with less distortion and fewer vibrations.

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