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Take a peek at Razer's Pikachu-themed earbuds with Pokéball charging case

If your love of Pokémon is stronger than your love of battery life, you may find these Pikachu-themed wireless earbuds from Razer to be of interest, as discovered by Zing Gadget from a post on Razer’s Weibo account.

On sale in China from April 16 for ¥999 (around $141 / £112 / AU$220), the earbuds are a Pikachu-yellow variation of Razer’s existing Hammerhead buds, and are adorned with a view of the iconic character from the rear.

Razer Pikachu Earbuds

(Image credit: Yanko Design / Razer)

Perhaps more desirable than the earbuds themselves is the included Pokéball charging case, which offers an additional 13 hours of use – an essential inclusion given that the buds reportedly offer only up to three hours of playback on their own.

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