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The HP Envy 15 leads a rebranded product line made for creators

The HP Envy 15 laptop leads its entire product family in a new direction—straight toward the rising “creator” class. These users, whether they’re coders, visual artists, or social media darlings, need the same high-end CPUs and GPUs that PC gamers use, and they demand the stylish packages that the Envy line is already known for. The related Envy 17 is shipping now, while the Envy 15 and other models are coming out in May or June. 

HP Envy 17: Wide-open spaces

Let’s start with the laptop available now, the HP Envy 17—starting at $1,100 from HP.com, or there’s a specific SKU selling for $1,250 at Best Buy.

While laptops with smaller displays are always going to be more portable, creators who can move up to a 17-inch display will luxuriate in the extra space for viewing their projects. That’s the main reason to get a laptop this large. 

hp envy 17 naturalsilver tropical backdrop croppedHP

The HP Envy 17 will offer two different 1080p display options, as well as a 4K option.

Note that the Envy 17 has three display options via HP.com: 1920×1080 touch and non-touch, plus 3840×2160 (4K) non-touch. The 1080p touch display has a maximum 300 nits’ brightness and 100-percent sRGB color gamut support.

While 4K resolution sounds fabulous and should look great on a display this big, remember that running all those extra pixels will eat into your battery life—not that we expect you to carry around a six-pound laptop that much. Here are the other primary specs: 

CPU and Graphics: Interestingly, CPU and GPU are a package deal in the Envy 17. You have three choices via HP.com:

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