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The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is expected out in the 'coming weeks' at a reasonable price

Microsoft is just one of the many tech companies that was most likely planning to hold a “traditional” product launch event before the coronavirus pandemic made that impossible. Of course, the second-gen Surface Go is still undoubtedly in the pipeline, and rumor has it the Redmond-based tech giant will announce its latest versatile tablet with little to no fanfare at some point “in the coming weeks.”

While the unnamed inside sources quoted by MSPowerUser today have no info to share on a possible commercial release date, the reputable publication anticipates sales are likely to kick off sometime “early next month.” 
It’s obviously unwise to purchase the oldie right now, even from a fully authorized and entirely dependable retailer, as the Surface Go 2 is tipped to cost $399 in its entry-level variant. That’s the exact same starting price as its predecessor, but while Microsoft reportedly has no plans to redesign its smallest and most affordable tablet, a bunch of substantial internal upgrades are almost certainly coming.
We’re talking faster Intel Pentium and Core m3 processors, as well as 128 and 256GB SSD options. That means the cheapest Surface Go 2 model will offer twice the internal storage space of its forerunner, and the same goes for the costlier version. 
An LTE-enabled configuration is also expected, and current pricing speculation circles the $650 mark. All things considered, this could be a more than respectable alternative to Apple’s similarly priced iPad Air (2019) for tablet buyers valuing productivity above all.

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