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The Xbox Series X logo looks different to what we imagined

Microsoft has patented the Xbox Series X logo, but it’s quite a big departure from previous designs.

Spotted on Reddit by Windows Central, an official trademark listing for the Xbox Series X logo was filed on April 16, 2020, showing a very different look to what we’ve seen for Microsoft’s consoles to date.

The logo shows the word ‘Series’ in a vertical formation, next to a stylized ‘X’. It’s a more mature and minimalist design for Xbox, but it’s somewhat simplistic and – in our opinion – looks more suited to a sports brand. 

(Image credit: Microsoft)

However, this minimalist, futuristic approach is something we should probably expect from Microsoft when it comes to the Xbox Series X. After all, the console’s design is a radical departure from what we seen with the Xbox One, with the Series X sporting a gaming PC tower design. 

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