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This 13,000mAh phone isn’t actually that expensive

Going after the title of the phone with the biggest battery can be fraught with danger – ask the guys at Energizer responsible for the Power Max P18K Pop, an 18,000mAh behemoth. It attracted plenty of interest, but almost no commitment to buy.

Blackview BV9100 smartphone – $199.99
(roughly £160/AU$315)
The Blackview BV9100 isn’t your ordinary smartphone. It sports a whopping 13,000mAh battery – four times the capacity of the Apple iPhone 11. The device can also be used as a powerbank for other gadgets, and its IP68 rating means it can take more than a few knocks.View Deal

However, this hasn’t discouraged other device makers from pursuing the lofty goal. Blackview is latest on the scene with the BV9100, which features the largest battery we’ve seen for a while.

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