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Tips and Tricks Inside Microsoft's Edge Browser -

Save Web Content in Collections

Save Web Content in Collections

The new version of Edge allows you to create your own collections of web pages, text snippets, and images. This can be helpful if you’re conducting research or looking for specific information and want to gather together all related content. You can start a new collection by clicking the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. Select Collection, then click the “Start new collection” link. 

If you want to save a web page, first open it in the browser, then click the “Add current page” link to save it in the collection. Saving highlighted text and images can be done by dragging the selection to the Collections pane.

Click the Add Note icon to type a note or add a description for this collection. These collections can then be sent to Microsoft Excel or Word by clicking the ellipsis icon and choosing a destination. You can also open all the content in the collection or copy it to the clipboard using this settings menu.

The next time you want to access one of your collections, go back to the Collections pane and select the one you wish to view, or just click the Collections icon on the toolbar. You can create multiple collections, edit a collection, delete individual items in a collection, and delete an entire collection. 

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