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Upgrade to a speedy 512GB SSD for just $49 today

These days, you can often find SSDs at crazy low prices, and this deal’s a good example. Silicon Power is selling its 512GB A55 SSD for $49 on Amazon. That’s the all-time low for this drive, much better than the $60 to $70 it often sells for, and a great price for a decent-sized SSD.

Silicon Power says this SSD comes with an single-level cell (SLC) cache, which isn’t unusual. An SSD cache usually has SLC or MLC NAND flash. These are the two fastest types of NAND and are ideal for use as a cache, to boost the performance of your most commonly used applications, while TLC or QLC NAND makes up the regular storage. We haven’t tested this particular drive, but it’s very well reviewed on Amazon. 

There isn’t much else to say about this drive, really. It’s a pretty standard entry-level SSD with a good amount of storage and will make a noticeable performance improvement to any PC or laptop still using a hard drive.

It comes with a three-year limited warranty, and at $49 it’s available at a fantastic price.

[Today’s deal: Silicon Power A55 512GB SSD for $49 at Amazon.]

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