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Valorant criticised by Tfue, like a ‘more casual Counter-Strike’

Valorant’s still in beta so things could change come the official release (Pic: Riot Games)

Despite Valorant’s surge in popularity, streamers like Tfue don’t think the game will rival its competitors any time soon.

Riot Games, most famous for its work on League Of Legends, has tried its hand at the first person shooter genre with Valorant, a 5 vs. 5 online multiplayer title.

So far, it seems to have become very popular very quickly, at least with the general public. A number of professional streamers, on the other hand, seem less than impressed.

Recently, xQc criticised those who were announcing that they were dropping Overwatch for Valorant, and now Fortnite streamer Tfue has stated that he doesn’t think the game will get as big as other titles of its ilk, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Tfue explicitly described Valorant as a ‘more casual CS: GO,’ stating that if you want to play a game that requires ‘true skill’ you should play Counter-Strike.

That said, Tfue doesn’t think the game is necessarily bad nor does he think that it won’t be relatively successful.

‘I mean the game’s good – I think it’ll do well,’ he said during a stream, as transcribed by Dexerto. ‘I just don’t see it being bigger, competitive wise, than like CS, you know.

‘It feels smooth though, and aiming engagements are good. It can just be frustrating at times.’

Valorant partly sells itself on its varied cast of characters (Pic: Riot Games)

He’s most likely referring to the characters’ abilities, such as Brimstone’s Orbital Strike that allows him to select an area of the map to be bombarded with a laser attack.

Abilities like this are absent in Counter-Strike, meaning players are forced to rely on their own individual skills and not any sort of character-specific powers.

Tfue added that he found the abilities unbalanced, ‘The problems I have with it are [that] it’s too repetitive, it’s not fun to watch, and I feel like the abilities are not balanced. It was kinda like how Overwatch was at the start.’

It is important to note that Valorant hasn’t been officially released yet, with players currently only taking part in a closed beta. So it’s not surprising that the game would have rough edges considering it’s not even technically finished.

At this point, it’s still too early to say how successful Valorant will ultimately be, but it’s true that it does face stiff competition. Counter-Strike has a massive competitive scene and while Overwatch players may be moving towards Valorant, Overwatch 2 could very well drag them back.

Valorant is scheduled to release this summer for PC.

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