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Vivaldi's Android browser exits beta, picks up native ad blocking and tracking protection

Vivaldi is one of the most feature-rich desktop browsers around, and the browser just got updated to 3.0 with plenty of new additions, including built-in tracking protection and ad blocking. The Vivaldi browser also has a robust note-taking client, great tab management, a native screenshot utility, and it even comes with a clock that lets you set timers. If you’re new to Vivaldi, the level of customization on offer when you’re setting things up for the first time is unmatched.

Vivaldi is bringing most of these features over to its Android browser, which has been in beta for a while now. With the new release, Vivaldi’s mobile browser is exiting beta, and you can now download it from the Play Store. There’s no shortage of browsers on Android, but Vivaldi makes a strong case for itself. The address bar and tabbed interface is akin to what you’d find on a desktop browser, and you also get the ability to jot down notes and take screenshots natively.

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But the best part about Vivaldi’s Android browser is that it gets the same level of built-in ad blocking and tracking protection as the desktop version. Vivaldi is relying on DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar-powered blocklist, and while the setting is off by default, it’s easy to toggle in the options.

Vivaldi also lets you easily sync bookmarks, browsing and autofill history, and notes across the desktop and mobile versions, making it that much easier to transition between devices. The Android browser doesn’t have as many features as the desktop client, but there’s still a lot to like here. And if you’ve been using Vivaldi on Windows, Mac, or Linux for a while, you’ll love the fact that you can seamlessly sync data between various instances of the browser.

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