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Weathering the criticism: Apple makes life on Android a little worse

Last week, Apple acquired Dark Sky, one of the premier weather apps, and summarily canceled the Android and Wear versions of the app, surprising industry observers who looked up from their laptops in unison and said “Someone was making Wear apps? Why?”

Let the outrage pour forth! It’s not like we’re doing anything else anyway. The Macalope’s just sitting here making quarantine masks out of unused MLB commemorative Opening Day 2020 t-shirts.

Writing for Fortune, Aaron Pressman asks the Betteridge’s Law-shattering question “Should Apple be allowed to kill one of Android’s best weather apps?” (Tip o’ the antlers to Shawn King.)

It is amazing how many people suddenly get big government regulation religion when Apple is involved. Except, of course, Pressman hasn’t, really, he’s “just askin’!”

The Macalope is the first to admit he may have some baggage about this issue but it is hilarious to read articles about poor Android suffering at the hands of Apple after hearing for years how Android’s larger market share would sweep away the iPhone. Not to mention the repeated claims of Google executives about how any day now developers would begin shipping things on Android first.

So funny.

But, that was then, this is now. As a student of capitalism, The Macalope is not at all a fan of large mergers that consolidate markets under one or just a few players (see: online ticket sales, cable companies, Idris Elba sucking up all the handsome and leaving none for the rest of us). To be honest, he’s not really a fan of Apple cornering the market on privacy, but no one else seems to want to be in that business.

But is this acquisition a big problem?

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