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What next for Apple retail?

Until we get COVID-19 testing and vaccination sorted out, we’re going to need new go-to-market technology business models, in part because all the places people usually experience tech will be closed or constrained.

Can retail survive pandemic?

Think about high street retail.

We know this has been dramatically impacted already, but in future consumers will be less ready to gather in large groups which will make for less passing trade.

This means that when it comes to shopping at retail consumers will become more mission-led, visiting malls only when they definitely need to do so.

We’re told Apple hopes to begin opening its stores again in May, but this may change subject to COVID-19.

When it does open up its retail business again, you can anticipate steep limitations in terms of customer numbers – Apple will not want to encourage lines outside of its stores for a while, no matter what product it is about to release.

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