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Why Apple’s iPhone SE is this season’s smartphone

Apple’s iPhone SE will be the mid-range flagship of the company’s smartphone range for the next two years, as the company delivers all the device most people need at a price that’s going to be more within the reach of most.

Yeah, but what about 5G?

The hard truth is that the incoming 5G standard is irrelevant and will remain so for longer than even I originally anticipated.

COVID-19 is having a chilling effect on network roll-out, service and infrastructure investment and enterprise IT budgets are shifting to crisis management, remote collaboration and RPA to help navigate current challenges.

With a workforce stuck at home, iPads, notebooks and external displays are more relevant investments for many enterprises. 5G devices aren’t much use outside major conurbations (yes, that’s the right word, look it up – editor). Not only this, but supply chain constraints mean shipments in most categories are down – and likely to remain so for some time yet.

A little of what you need

In this context, what Apple has introduced with the all-new iPhone SE is the smartphone for the rest of us. It’s a relatively affordable device that runs the best OS, has a good camera and carries the world’s best mobile processor.

If you get one now, you can be reasonably confident it will be supported for at least five years, which means it will run the then-current operating system (with security updates) until around 2025.

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