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Why iPhone 9 and OnePlus 8 are needed now more than foldable phones

Around this time of year, we’re usually eager to see the big, flashy flagship phones that were introduced at MWC finally reach the public. But this is no ordinary year, and the outbreak of Covid-19 hasn’t just cancelled MWC 2020 and messed with phone releases – it’s disrupted lives all over the world.

Which makes the iPhone 9 and OnePlus 8 far more important phones for consumers than any elite phones, including the foldable phones that the industry had been championing as the next generation of handset technology. Even if the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 comes out later this year as rumored, average consumers probably won’t be lining up to buy it. After all, the first Galaxy Fold cost $1,980 / £1,900 / AU$2,900 launch price.

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