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Zoom partners with Otter.ai for in-meeting transcriptions

Users with Otter for Teams account can now open a secure, live interactive transcript directly from a video conference with the introduction of Otter.ai Live Video Meeting Notes.

The new Live Video Meeting Notes integration, which is also available to Zoom Pro users, offers access to live transcripts, which meeting participants can highlight, comment on and add pictures to via the Otter.ai web or mobile app.

Post-meeting transcripts of Zoom cloud recordings are also newly available, alongside headset support that ensures Otter.ai Live Video Meeting Notes can capture both sides of a conversation when using headsets or earbuds. (These features are only available if the meeting host has an Otter for Teams account.)

Rival video conferencing platforms such a Google Meet and Microsoft Teams already offer a comprehensive in-meeting closed captioning service. By integrating Otter.ai with its video services, Zoom is, in effect, catching up to competitors and removing a key differentiator between the three platforms.

Although Otter.ai was only launched in February 2018, it has built up a millions-strong user base and is backed by Google, Tesla, DeepMind, and Facebook.

Otter.ai CEO and founder Sam Liang noted that the growing need for virtual meetings because of the COVID-19 pandemic make it even more important for employees to have high-quality meeting notes. “Otter usage with Zoom meetings has increased by more than 5X in the past few weeks and we’re seeing new sign-ups from remote workers and distance learning,” he said in a statement. “Otter has transcribed more than 25 million meetings, accounting for more than 750 million transcribed meeting minutes to date.”

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