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Add 2 terabytes of high-performance hard drive storage to your PC for $100

No matter how much storage your desktop has, more is always better (at least until your motherboard runs out of SATA III ports and M.2 slots). Today, Newegg is selling a 2TB WD Black 3.5-inch internal hard drive for $100 after applying the coupon code EMCDKDG23. This drive is normally $130, though it’s currently on sale for $120 without the code.

Black is Western Digital’s high-performance consumer hard drive line. It’s ideal for gamers, as well as creative types who need to access large files as quickly as possible.

The WD Black drive will certainly work as primary storage, you may be better off using it as a secondary drive. As fast as the Black drives are, they can’t match an SSD when it comes to bootup speeds and app responsiveness. A hard drive, meanwhile, serves perfectly as secondary storage for documents, files, and games that don’t fit onto tinier solid-state drives.

That said, if you only want a single, high-capacity drive in your system and don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a big SSD, this 2TB WD Black hard drive is a great option.

The drive spins at 7,200 RPMs with a 64MB DRAM cache, and UserBenchmark gives it an average read speed of 153MB/s and an average write of 158MB/s. Those averages comes from all users who contribute results to the site, including those who have lower powered machines. Higher powered systems see read performance between 172 to 186 MB/s, and writes speeds around 185 MB/s or higher.

Bottom line? The WD Black is an excellent choice for a hard drive, and at this price it’s hard to say no.

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