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Corsair's compact K63 keyboard earned our Editors' Choice award at $110, and today it's $60

When shopping for a mechanical keyboard, a key thing to look at is size. Some keyboards are massive and take a lot of space, while others are more compact, providing a comfortable typing experience without occupying half the desk. Today, Amazon’s offering a fantastic reasonably sized keyboard at an extraordinary price.

The online retailer is selling the Corsair K63 compact mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches for $60. That’s $20 off its most recent price, and far below the $110 this excellent plank launched at. The Corsair K63 can often be found around this price—don’t ever pay the full cost—but we haven’t seen a price lower than $60 since the late fall.

We reviewed the wireless version of this keyboard nearly two years ago, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars and an Editors’ Choice award. “Whether you’re in for casual couch gaming or just want a cleaner, wire-free desktop, the K63 seems like a solid choice, “ we said. “It’s compact, it’s durable, it’s reasonably comfortable to type on.”

The Corsair K63 uses the aforementioned Cherry MX Red switches, which lack the tactile feedback of other mechanical switches. That gives them a smoother movement that’s ideal for gaming. The keyboard features red per-key backlighting, as well as dedicated volume and multimedia controls. It’s a tenkeyless design, meaning it lacks a number pad, which is one reason it takes up less space than other mechanical keyboards.

Overall, it’s a very nice—and well priced—mechanical keyboard for couch or space-conscious gamers, and for people new to working at home who need a big-time upgrade over their work PC’s terrible keyboard.

[Today’s deal: Corsair K63 mechanical keyboard for $60 at Amazon.]

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