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Fortnite held a Diplo concert and no one knew about it

Unbeknownst to near enough everybody, DJ Diplo and his group, Major Lazer, had a secret Fortnite concert at the new Party Royale island.

At this point, we are no stranger to music concerts being held in Fortnite. Travis Scott recently held one that broke records and most likely guaranteed that more like it will be organised in the future.

In fact, another one has already taken place, featuring DJ Diplo and his group, Major Lazer. Bizarrely, neither Diplo or Epic Games announced it and held it in complete secret, with most people not finding out about it until after it had finished.

Part of the reason for this is that the concert wasn’t held on the main island. Instead, it was held on the Party Royale island, which was recently included as a place for players to relax at and not partake in the battle royale.

It’s been suspected that the new island would be used for future concerts, and this newest one seems to prove that that’s accurate and could encourage players to more regularly visit in case any other musicians decide to make unannounced appearances.

The concert was held a second time on 2 May and advertised as such by Epic Games, possibly in response to the amount of people who initially missed it, but some players are still only just finding out about it.

If you’re annoyed or disappointed about missing it, the concert was recorded by some, such as GameSpot, and uploaded to YouTube for others to enjoy.

Don’t expect something on the same level of scope as Travis Scott’s. The concert wasn’t particularly long, only lasting about 20 minutes, and didn’t provide any new content either.

This was most likely something of a trial run and, with any luck, Diplo could return with something much bigger for a more official concert, especially with live concerts unable to take place at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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