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Games Inbox: Would you sell your Nintendo Switch to buy a PS5 or Xbox?

Are you thinking of trading in? (pic: Nintendo)

The Wednesday Inbox looks forward to the Xbox 20/20 reveal event, as one reader has no sympathy for Naughty Dog and Nintendo’s hackers.

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Nintendo Swap
At this point I think it’s looking increasingly likely that the only ‘new’ Switch games we’re going to get this year are ports of Super Mario 3D World and a new Super Mario All-Stars. I’m sure we’ll all welcome them but they are not really new games at all and I hate to see some people let Nintendo off the hook by suddenly being satisfied by some remasters of 20-odd year old games.

Maybe we’ll get a new Paper Mario and they’ll finally release Metroid Prime Trilogy but there’s no sign so far of any actual major release and if they’re not even going to have a Nintendo Direct till the end of summer we’re certainly not getting anything till well after that.

This is not acceptable and it is not normal and I don’t know why some people are giving Nintendo a free ride. Yes, they make great games but they doesn’t excuse them for their horribly uneven release schedules and terrible communication. Frankly, it’s made me consider selling my Switch in order to fund a next gen console this Christmas. After all, it’s not like I’m going to get much use out of the Switch this year.

Sleeping giant
Okay, so now it seems like Microsoft is finally waking up. After taking the whole generation off I hope that this thing on Thursday is going to be the start of them being a serious contender again. Although there’s no way they deserve the benefit of the doubt until they start proving themselves.

I don’t know how many games are going to be featured but we already know one (Assassin’s Creed) and that Gollum game seems pretty obvious. There was also indie games mentioned, so that’s probably going to be a good percentage of them, plus games that are being ‘optimised’. I think we’ll be lucky if we get more than four brand new games, which I think is what someone predicted a couple of weeks ago.

I’m rooting for Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is my favourite console of the modern age but the Xbox One was a complete disaster on every level and so much has changed since the 360 days that it almost feels like they’re starting from scratch with people’s trust and their game franchises. But let’s see what the next few months of showcases brings.

With friends like this…
Am I the only one to have no sympathy for the modders (or whatever you’d call them) that made the Super Mario 64 PC port when Nintendo goes after them? As has been said before, why people do this when they know it only gets them in trouble is a mystery, but if it turns out they were using stolen source code then I’d throw the book at them.

The same goes for the people that stole all the The Last Of Us Part 2 footage. Apart from the trouble it causes people with spoilers do they not realise that Naughty Dog’s financial future rests on this game being a hit? They might be owned by Sony but that doesn’t mean anyone has a job for life and given they make so few games everything is riding on this.

Given how entitled some gamers act I’m not really surprised but there are people’s livelihoods being affected be these hacks. Especially given the pandemic I would’ve thought more people would have more sympathy for what that means nowadays. The worst thing is I assume these people are ‘fans’ of Nintendo and Naughty Dog to want have done this in the first place. You’ve have to be really, to know or care about any of it in the first place.

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Second chances
After reading the John Wick Hex review yesterday – a game that has just been added to my games I should play – I was wondering. Why do you choose to re-review games that have already been released on other platforms?

I can understand a game that was previously only on PC/console getting a Switch port that might have significant downgrades, like The Witcher 3 and upcoming Bioshock Collection, for example, but for an indie game like a John Wick Hex that I’d assume would be nearly identical to the PC version on PlayStation 4 I was a bit stumped. I’m sure there’s a valid reason but was just curious as to what it was.

Thanks for the great work in these times, it’s much appreciated.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

GC: Because we think it’s really good and no one bought it when it first came out. Next up: Void Bastards.

Rock bottom quantity
Nintendo’s relative lack of games on the Switch really shouldn’t be that surprising, given its been a feature of their consoles for a long period of time: high quality, but low quantity. It’s what made combining the handheld and desktop consoles such a sensible move for Nintendo, and also explains why indies do relatively well on the Switch (along with benefitting from portability).

The Switch, as always with Nintendo hardware, makes a perfect second console for me. There just aren’t enough AA/AAA third party games on it to keep me going, but as I’d hate to miss out on the handful of classics, I buy in part way through a generation.

GC: One major release in six months is bad even by their standards, but more so because there’s no indication of anything else for the rest of the year. And that’s before you consider things like combining the portable and home console teams, which seems to have had no positive effect on output, the opposite in fact.

Late Pass
I just treated myself to a year of Game Pass, which has already proven to be tremendous value for money.

I’ve heard others in the Inbox and Underbox say how good the service is but really didn’t fathom it until today when I activated it on my Xbox and was greeted to more games than I can possibly play.

The old school in me scoffs at the rental (temporary) aspect, but at less than the price of a single new release to have access to all these games I’m happy. It’s a shame I’m back at work in two weeks, I should have done this earlier.
Commodore Fan
PS: Thanks GC for keeping things going during these times. The content on the site as well as the contributors have kept me sane.

GC: Thanks. And yes, Game Pass is excellent value, especially during lockdown.

Knives to a fist fight
I have to say I was quite surprised to see a slight negative response towards Streets Of Rage 4. In the run up to release I’d written it off as I hadn’t liked the art style and was probably guilty of seeing the first two games through the rose-tinted hue of nostalgia. Well, since it was on Game Pass I thought I’d have a look, and I’ve immediately been taken in by it.

The combo system feels great to me, and battles can’t be won by simply pressing punch repeatedly at the right moment, as used to be the case. The risk reward balance of your special move depleting health and then attacks then regenerating your health works well, and in a couple of hours I was able to pull off a 50-hit combo without too much trouble.

As far as the stages go I’m finding them to be the best of the series. Stage 2 at the police station is probably my favourite ever Streets Of Rage level after just a couple of playthroughs, and I’m now closing in on finishing the game after just two sessions playing. I also particularly enjoyed the room where Galsia are constantly piling into to stab you while you try and manage the crowd. I’d say it is challenging but certainly not too difficult. Only on Stage 8 have I had to replay it more than once after dying to learn from the mistakes I was making.

From the looks of it there is a lot of content to encourage replays and I can see this being right up there in my games of the year come December.
Agent Cole (gamertag)/AgentCole1981 (PSN ID)

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Zero rage
I was going to write anyway, but I feel my comments look like a response to emails you posted on Monday, so felt I should reference them.

I have been enthralled by Streets Of Rage 4, I only ever played a little of the original games because I didn’t own a Mega Drive but I always coveted them. I don’t know how a Streets Of Rage game is meant to be played but maybe that’s a bonus for me?

I agree that even on normal difficulty, the game can feel unforgiving. I take pride in the fact that I completed it alone.

Streets Of Rage 4 can feel like a puzzle game at times. A good puzzle seems impossible at first but, once one finds a solution it seemed obvious. Discovering a way to defeat a boss that initially seemed invincible, elicits that same euphoria. I feel like a fighting genius when I play it.

The lack of handholding allowed me to discover moves and tactics organically, which I always find rather satisfying. I enjoyed finding combos that would juggle enemies. I like the feeling of outsmarting those cheeky long range attacks.

Some bosses felt impossible on my first try but I have loved learning their tells, trying various tactics and finally triumphing over them.

I have nothing but praise for the game. I love it. I love that it feels difficult. I am delighted by the challenge of the wonderfully diverse enemies, who force me to play better when they’re thrown onto the screen in a devilishly new cocktail.

I like how the string of hits without taking damage increases my score. It feels like I’m flowing between enemies. Bruce Lee once said, ‘You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend’.

I am already on my second playthrough, and I’m rather excited to get online and kick ass with others.

Best wishes to you all.

Inbox also-rans
The best Star Wars game ever. That’s easy: X-Wing Alliance, though you do need a decent flight stick to get the best from it. I’ve got a Saitek Cyborg Evo.
W McBroom

I’m a Shenmue fan, or at least I thought I was, but I have no idea what was going on with Shenmue 3. Why Yu Suzuki thought such a big nothing of a story was a good idea I have no idea. I doubt he’ll be given the chance of another go.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Traxxus, who asks what is your most memorable console launch video game?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that you like the most but the one that left the biggest impression, perhaps because of its graphics or its quality (either good or bad). If you didn’t get the console when it first came out then any game you bought with it, or shortly after, would count.

Do you hold launch games to a different standard than others, compared to what you’d usually buy? Which launch games do you think hold up as genuinely good games and which are you now surprised you enjoyed at the time?

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