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How will Apple replace FaceID now we’re wearing masks?

Apple’s FaceID just isn’t what it used to be. Millions of iPhone users are now wearing masks, which means we need to enter passcodes manually to unlock our phones – making Touch ID more relevant than before.

Apple recognizes the challenge

We know Apple appreciates the problems of wearing masks during the pandemic.

Apple’s iOS 13.5 update now understands when you are wearing a mask and immediately defaults to the manual passcode screen when using FaceID on an iPhone.

This answers a pressing need, but also shows us how great technology can be overtaken by events.

Is the age of FaceID already over?

FaceID is such a useful technology. A glance at your display and your iPhone springs into life.

Want to disable it temporarily? Just press the volume up/down and power buttons together until the Medical ID screen appears.

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