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IBM rolls Red Hat into edge, AI, hybrid-cloud expansion

Deeply assimilating its Red Hat technology, IBM this week rolled out a set of new platforms and services designed to help customers manage edge-based application workloads and exploit artificial intelligence for infrastructure resiliency.

The announcements came at IBM’s virtualized Think! 2020 event that also featured the first Big Blue keynote by the company’s new CEO Arvind Krishna, during which he told the online audience about challenges of COVID-19: “History will look back on this as the moment when the digital transformation of business and society suddenly accelerated,” but also that hybrid cloud and AI are the two dominant forces driving digital transformation.

“More than 20 years ago, experts predicted every company would become an internet company. I am predicting today that every company will become an AI company, not because they can, but because they must,” he said.

With that idea in mind the company rolled out IBM Watson AIOps, an application that uses AI to automate how enterprises detect, diagnose and respond to IT anomalies in real time. Watson AIOps works by grouping log anomalies and alerts based on spatial and temporal reasoning as well as similarity to past situations, IBM said. It uses IBM’s natural language processing technology to understand the content in trouble tickets to identify and extract resolution actions automatically.

Then it provides a pointer to where the problem is and identifies other services that might be affected.  “It does this by showing details of the problem based on data from existing tools in the environment, all in the context of the application topology, distilling multiple signals into a succinct report” and eliminating the need for multiple dashboards, IBM stated.

AI can automate tasks like shifting traffic from one router to another, freeing up space on a drive, or restarting an application. AI systems can also be trained to self-correct, IBM stated.

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