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Microsoft set to introduce a feature iPad users really need

Microsoft is preparing to introduce what every Office user wants most on iPad – support for multi-window Split View mode for Word and PowerPoint on iPad OS 13 and above.

We’ve needed this for a while

Microsoft doesn’t hold back on new features in its productivity apps for iPads – you can trace a clear pattern of improvements ever since it bought Word, PowerPoint and Excel to Apple’s mobile platform.

However, it is easy to argue that Microsoft has not kept pace with Cupertino’s many attempts to transform iPads into multi-tasking productivity powerhouses with which to get things done. One of the biggest missing pieces: lack of support for Split Screen mode.

This has forced users to find convoluted workarounds in order to open two Word documents alongside each other on their iPad, including using two instances of a Safari window to open such documents using Word online, as detailed here.

This is both less than ideal and shows that doing so is more than possible.

That’s about to change.

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