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Pre-order HBO Max ahead of its May 27 launch and save $3 a month

HBO Max is set for a May 27 debut and the rush is on for WarnerMedia to get as many people on board as possible. With AT&T as its owner, that means giving away free access and extended free trials for its wireless, broadband, and TV customers. For the outsiders, though, they can get an introductory rate for their first year.

Those who sign up through May 27 at 11:59 p.m. PDT can subscribe for $12 a month through their first year — 20% off the regular rate. That discount takes Max from being $1 less than Netflix’s Premium plan to $1 less than its Standard plan. Prospective viewers can redeem the offer on the HBO Max site.

HBO Max incorporates original titles plus shows and movies from all of WarnerMedia’s franchises from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, Crunchyroll, TBS, TNT, and others — a much wider content berth than HBO Go or HBO Now, which are focused more closely with what’s on HBO’s air.

If you pay for HBO Now through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, to HBO directly, or with an HBO Now gift card, you’ll be able to access HBO Max at no extra charge. Those who subscribe to HBO via AT&T, U-Verse, DIRECTV, Hulu, or Spectrum also get Max for free. Plus, some AT&T subscribers across its wireline and wireless businesses who don’t already have HBO may get free access or extended free trials.

In any case, chances are if you’re not going to pay for HBO Max, someone else who got it for free might tell you about their favorite show on it. Beyond any market campaign, it’ll take plenty of word of mouth to get watchers invested.

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