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Salesforce unveils tools for a post-pandemic return to the office

While governments prepare to reopen their economies following the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses face a challenge: ensuring that employees stay safe as lockdown measures are gradually eased. The outbreak began has infected more than 3.6 million people worldwide, killing more than 252,000 – including nearly 70,000 in the U.S.

To help companies navigate a safe return to work, Salesforce created Work.com — a set of applications and online resources to provide logistics support for public and private sector organizations as they bring staffers back to the office.

Work.com, unveiled on Monday, includes a “command center” that offers a dashboard overview of employees’ health status across various office locations. Companies can also collate data through private wellness surveys created using the platform, Salesforce said.

The command center will be available in June, alongside a shift management app designed to coordinate the return of workers to offices. 

With employees expected to maintain social distancing measures wherever possible, companies  could seek to stagger shifts to avoid an influx of people at offices – and in conference rooms, elevators and hallways – at the same time. Both tools will cost $5 per user each month. 

Also in the works is a contact-tracing application that lets employers gather data from individuals infected or exposed to the coronavirus, with a visual map of contacts and locations. The app is slated to be available as part of an emergency response management application suite, available later this month. It includes a new product – Emergency Program Management – alongside existing Salesforce products such as Health Cloud, Service Cloud and Lightning Scheduler. 

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