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AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

Display ads help pay the bills for many websites, but the ones that pop up unexpectedly in your browser can be annoying and intrusive. The goal behind AdBlock Plus is to stop ads that disrupt your web browsing, including popups, video ads, and flashing banner ads.

By default, AdBlock Plus allows for Acceptable Ads, which are those deemed less intrusive but necessary for websites to continue providing free content. You can turn off that option if you don’t want to see any ads at all.

To configure the extension, right-click the AdBlock Plus toolbar icon and select Options. At the Options screen, you can block specific types of tracking, add whitelisted websites that show ads you don’t mind seeing, and include or remove filter lists to determine which types of sites and ads are blocked.

After installing AdBlock Plus, surf the web as you normally would. Now, however, you shouldn’t be hit with the same types of intrusive ads that bothered you in the past. Click the toolbar icon for AdBlock Plus. The window shows you how many items have been blocked on the current site and how many across all sites.

From this window, you can turn off ad blocking for a specific site. If AdBlock Plus missed an item you consider an ad, click the Block Element button, then select the item on the page you want to block.

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