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The enterprise has become remote and mobile

I often focus on how Apple’s solutions and ecosystems can boost enterprise productivity and enable new ways of working. But I never expected these ideas to become mandatory, as they have in recent weeks.

Mobility is holding things together

We were already engaged in the digital transformation of daily life. Technology was wrapped around most business processes and much of our personal life. Many of us already use iPhones for everything and wear an Apple Watch to help manage our health.

What COVID-19 has done is accelerate the transformation, forcing even the most reluctant enterprises (including Apple, at times) to adopt remote working practices –  fast.

Gallup data claims that in just three weeks around lockdown, the percentage of employees working from home doubled, from 31% to 62%.  This is meeting an unmet demand for many employees. 

Gallup already claims that over half of those working from home now would like to do so as much as possible once the crisis is over. What’s interesting is that over half (52%) of managers say they will allow them to do so.

This is supported by IDG data, which shows around 71% of IT leaders now have a more positive view of remote working.

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