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The OG Google Home hits a new all-time low price in huge nationwide smart speaker sales

Google may not be able to keep up with Amazon’s thriving smart speaker sales nowadays, but if you know where (and especially when) to look, you can get one of the search giant’s voice-controlled smart home devices at an irresistible and completely Echo-crushing price.

Of course, it’s actually not that hard to locate a killer Google Home deal at the time of this writing, as everyone from the device manufacturer itself to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Adorama, and possibly other major authorized retailers nationwide are charging 29 bucks a pop instead of $99 for a “standard” 2016-released smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant support.
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That represents an unprecedented discount of 70 percent, mind you, beating a half-off promotion recently offered by pretty much all the same aforementioned retailers (and more). Naturally, we can’t help but see this as an even clearer sign that a second-gen Google Home, likely to be dubbed Nest Home, is finally right around the corner, possibly being prepared for an official announcement alongside the mid-range Pixel 4a handset later this month despite no tipsters or leakers mentioning anything about such an imminent product yet.
Even if a long overdue sequel were to materialize in just a couple of weeks, that arguably does nothing to reduce the appeal of the greatest Google Home deal ever. We’re talking about a “regular-sized” speaker here with relatively powerful sound, excellent long-range microphones, and an undeniably stylish design costing less than the list price of a Nest Mini.
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Speaking of the 2019-released diminutive model, we should point out that thing is marked down across the nation too, although the price cut is definitely not drastic enough to qualify as a Google Home-matching bargain. That’s because the Nest Mini actually does match the reduced $29 price of its bigger and older brother while packing vastly inferior audio technology.

Of course, if you want the best sound experience available in combination with Google’s digital assistant smarts, you’ll have to splash out on a Home Max fetching $249 instead of a $299 MSRP that was actually permanently brought down from $399 back in 2018 after making its commercial debut in 2017.

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Alternatively, you could opt for a Max design and audio capabilities in tandem with a large 10-inch HD touchscreen at a price of $199, reduced from a $229 MSRP, which may not feel like a life-changing deal until you realize the Nest Hub Max is the newest (and possibly greatest) member of Google’s moderately popular and well-reviewed family of Echo-rivaling smart speakers.
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Finally, the more compact Nest Hub, formerly known as Google Home Hub, can currently be purchased at $79 practically everywhere after a cool $50 discount of its own. This model aims to strike a balance between affordability and powerful sound, with a respectable full-range speaker in tow, as well as a 7-inch LCD touchscreen. It’s not easy to choose just one of these budget-friendly and incredibly versatile bad boys, eh?
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