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This Incredible Social-Distance Fight Scene Features Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, And More

It’s impossible right now to film traditional fight scenes, and both actors and stunt people are currently unable to perform their work. But actor and stuntwoman Zoe Bell (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) has found a workaround, and has teamed up with several other women in the worlds of acting and stunts to put together a fun fight scene where all the participants are joining in from home.

The video, below, is made up of forty segments, with each woman being on the receiving end of the previous woman’s attack, before launching one of their own. Some play it fairly straight, flying backwards before kicking or punching in return; others have gone for a funnier approach, throwing puzzles, squirting water, or letting their children get a hit in.

Some huge names are featured, including Lucy Lawless, Thandie Newton, Cameron Diaz, Florence Pugh, and Scarlett Johansson. Cameron Diaz’s appearance is, in fact, her first on-screen “performance” since 2014–she retired following the release of Annie.

There’s plenty of movie Easter eggs and impressive stunt work to enjoy too. Look out for one actor reprising her famous villain role from a certain popular Quentin Tarantino film.

Many entertainers are finding new ways to work within the current COVID-19 pandemic–in fact, a social distancing show is in the works at Netflix, and Parks and Recreation fans were recently treated to a new special filmed from each cast member’s home.

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