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World of Tanks Blitz introduces new battle pass | Pocket Gamer.biz

Wargaming has introduced a new battle pass to World of Tanks Blitz.

Operation Onslaught features 40 stages. To progress to different levels, players must use stamps earned through the battle pass – it takes place from May 1st-to-29th.

As there are two versions of the campaign – premium and free – there are two versions of the battle pass. The free variation offers an array of in-game items such as gold, credit, XP, days of premium usage, avatars, camos and vehicle research. Certain milestones must be met to get awards.

The premium battle pass can be purchased for $5 and gives rewards for each stage completed. The passes can be completed together to offer maximum loot.

Out of this world

Last month, World of Tanks Blitz gave its players the chance to win a piece of the moon – a literal out of this world reward. In November last year, the World of Tanks Blitz Global Championship offered $100,000 in prize money.

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