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Xbox One games aren’t as revered as most PS4 exclusives, but they’re much better

Microsoft has found it tough this generation. From a disastrous launch to painfully misconstrued messaging, the Xbox One got off to a sluggish start and hasn’t been able to catch up with Sony’s PS4 since. And yet it’s the console I’ve played the most by some margin because Xbox has a better choice of games. 

Before you pick up your pitchforks and light your torches, hear me out. Xbox has certainly struggled to create compelling, critically-acclaimed exclusives – there’s no denying that. Middling Metacritic scores have accompanied many of Microsoft’s first-party efforts, with scores ranging from the low sixties and often topping out at the mid eighties, and there have been more than a few missteps with certain franchises either being cancelled or released in a shoddy state. Not great, then.

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