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Xiaomi patents an under-display camera smartphone | TechRadar

At a time when critics often debate over what kind of a notch is better, it is a reasonable assumption that the best kind of smartphone is the one without a notch. Taking a big stride towards that future is Xiaomi, which recently received a patent for a smartphone with an under-display selfie camera.

Xiaomi was amongst the first to showcase a working prototype of a smartphone with an actual functional in-display camera. The concept worked with a sensor placed along the top edge of the phone, under the display which has translucent properties. Oppo and Vivo too showed proofs-of-concept, but they were far from perfect.

Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital spotted a new patent granted to Xiaomi for a phone that has an under-display camera. If it ever sees the light of day, it will help us achieve the notch-less future of smartphone displays that has often been talked about, without the current shortcomings that include moving parts or cutouts. 

(Image credit: CNIPA (via LetsGoDigital))

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