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Zoho looks to mimic the office for remote workers with user check-in, live video feeds

As remote work becomes the norm for many during the pandemic, workplace chat applications have helped teams stayed connected. 

But not all aspects of the office environment can be duplicated in a digital workspace. With updates to its Cliq messaging tool, Zoho hopes to provide greater visibility into who is available at given time – in effect, seeing who’s “in” their remote office and who’s not.

Among the additions are a check-in feature that connects with Zoho’s HR system to track employee attendance, acting as a digital ID swipe card that remote workers use to clock in and clock out each day by pressing a button in Cliq. 

Once logged in, workers can update their availability status to allow colleagues to see that they’re  available. Status in the chat app is then replicated across all of Zoho’s suite of business apps, which includes CRM and office productivity tools.  

In addition, live video feeds with Cliq allow workers to check which colleagues are at their desk and available to chat; the feature could also be used by managers to keep tabs on who is at their computer.

Other changes include team work-hour reports that provide a summary of user availability and  then reports into the HR system.

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