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Apple's AirPods Pro are awfully cheap on Amazon, but act quickly

Apple’s AirPods are selling like hotcakes, especially when they’re discounted. Even when they’re just $20 or $30 cheaper, many customers consider them a great deal. The AirPods Pro are a bit more expensive than the standard model and they’re rarely on sale, but even when they are, the price remains high.Which brings us to today’s deal that’s absolutely mind-blowing. If you saved a little bit of money for a pair of earphones, the AirPods Pro might be a perfect choice if you’re getting this deal. For a limited time, you can save no less than $50 when you buy the AirPods Pro from Amazon.

For your information, Apple sells the AirPods Pro for $250 and most deals that we’ve seen on the internet didn’t drop the price by more than $30, so this is the best price we’ve seen to date.

Unfortunately, these deals tend to go offline quite fast since the AirPods are so popular among customers in the US, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to benefit from the $50 discount. More often than not, Amazon has a very limited stock of units priced so low, which means that by the time someone checks the deal online, the discount drops to just $20 or $30. Good luck!

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