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Eye Of The Beholder Trilogy is free for everyone at GOG

Eye Of The Beholder – even just the artwork is a nostalgia kick (pic: Wizards of the Coast)

Classic D&D game Eye Of The Beholder is currently available on GOG, for a free hit of old school first person role-playing.

Considering what an influence Dungeons & Dragons has had on video games in general it’s surprising how few officially licensed games have ever become mainstream hits.

Baldur’s Gate was one, and that’s coming back soon with a new sequel, and now we’re suspicious that maybe Eye Of The Beholder is looking to make a comeback as well.

Wizards of the Coast has said they’ve got ‘seven or eight’ new Dungeons & Dragons games coming out in the next few years and have already made at least one hint that Eye Of The Beholder 4 might be one of them.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that GOG.com has decided to give away the first three games for free and offer up to 75% off other Dungeons & Dragons games, but we doubt it.

If you’re not familiar with Eye Of The Beholder – and considering it was first released in 1991 that would be understandable – it’s a first person dungeon crawler that was very much a knock-off of Amiga and Atari ST classic Dungeon Master, only with an official licence.

Back in those days first person meant moving around a grid-based dungeon where you could only turn in 90° steps, so the games will seem very primitive by today’s standards.

But they used the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons 2nd Edition rules and were quite in-depth, so there’s still something there to enjoy nowadays.

There have been a few indie homages over the years, such as Legend Of Grimrock and its sequel, but it’s probably likely that any fourth entry would be a standard first person game with full movement.

We’ll have to wait and see though, but for now here’s the link to claim your free copy of the original trilogy.

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