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First benchmark reveals good but not great Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G specs

While the first few stories about Samsung’s next high-end Android tablets were certainly encouraging, calling for not one but two huge Galaxy Tab S7 variants with fittingly hefty battery capacity in tow and optional 5G support for Western markets, the recently leaked renders of the slightly smaller model left us somewhat unimpressed.

It’s not that the 11-inch Tab S7 is ugly. Far from it, in fact, as there are still very few Android slates around capable of combining such a premium build quality with an insanely thin profile without making significant battery life compromises. But there’s simply something missing. Something to suggest Samsung is finally serious about taking on Apple’s industry-leading iPads.
Unfortunately, we’re not too impressed by the first pre-release benchmark of the jumbo-sized Galaxy Tab S7+ either. Even though this was supposed to be an absolute 12.4-inch monster, the Geekbench database contains a new file dated June 13 with only 6 gigs (5.42 user accessible) listed in the memory section.

Once again, that’s not an inherently bad RAM count, but it’s also by no means anything special. And yes, last year’s Tab S6 came in both 6 and 8GB memory configurations, which might be the case this time around too, but what’s truly disappointing is the SM-T976B variant listed here is almost certainly the one equipped with 5G connectivity. 
That’s because the model number is clearly related to the SM-T866 designation of the limited 5G-enabled edition of the Galaxy Tab S6, unlike the SM-T860 and SM-T865 labels of the Wi-Fi-only and 4G LTE-capable versions. The Galaxy Tab S6 5G, by the way, packs 6 gigs of RAM in combination with 128 gigs of internal storage space, but we definitely expected more from the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G.

On the bright (albeit far from surprising) side, Geekbench also seems to reveal the 5G-equipped Tab S7 Plus will come packing a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 865 processor while already running Android 10 on the software side of things in its pre-release prototype form. Said prototype, however, must be pretty advanced, scoring great single and multi-core performance results. 

Of course, these are nothing compared to what 2020’s iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 can produce at the same benchmarking authority, but by Android standards, the scores are undoubtedly great. The problem is Samsung needs to do better than producing yet another good tablet by Android standards. Oh, well, maybe the rest of the specs and features will somehow help the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G rise above the pack.

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