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Games Inbox: How much will the PS5 console cost?

How much is even the cheapest PS5 going to be? (pic: Sony)

The Monday Inbox comes out generally in favour of the PS5 console design, as one reader is pretty sure they like indie classic Inside.

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Dropping the drive
Surely I’m not the only one thinking the mere existence of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is a sign that we should expect a high price for the standard unit?

Just like the rumours of a less powerful Xbox Series S also potentially dropping the disc drive, I wonder if the Digital Edition exists so Sony can come in at the same $399 as the PlayStation 4 at launch date – if the $499 supply chain rumours are to be believed. Parents in particular would pick the $399 model without understanding the potential hidden costs throughout the lifetime of the machine. What do you think?

GC: We thought the same thing, but we can’t see it being $100 cheaper unless it drops considerably more than just the disc drive.

Rough limit
Well GC, after checking my Amazon balance and checking my Visa card limit I’m getting the PlayStation 5 and will be pre-ordering as soon as I can. I like the design of the PlayStation 5 but to be honest the design don’t really bother me. I don’t sit there looking at the box, I look at my TV.

I hope they do a bundle, I’ll be ordering the PlayStation 5 with 4K drive. I’m old school, I don’t download a sandwich when I’m hungry so I don’t with games. I just hope they do what they did with PlayStation 4, where you got the PlayStation 4, another controller, and camera in a massive box. But I’ll b getting, I hope, PlayStation 5 with another controller, the camera, and new headset, and a few games.

GC: What exactly were you checking? No-one (including probably Sony) knows how much it costs yet?

Pro buyer
So the PlayStation 5 reveal was interesting, but which of those games will be available at launch?

The console design is nice and, for once, isn’t an anonymous black slab or cuboid. If they’d have shown the PlayStation VR2, I’d be onboard, but sadly there wasn’t even a hint of it.

The only things that made me really sit up and notice were Horizon Forbidden West and Resident Evil 8 and, unless I missed something, none showed confirmed release dates!

Far too many games I’ve yet to play in my existing backlog (including games on Xbox classic, Xbox 360, and PC), so like the PlayStation 4, I’ll be waiting at least a year or two before considering a purchase. And by that point the PS5 Pro will probably be available.

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Better with or without?
After watching the PlayStation 5 reveal I think I need to get myself to Specsavers. Despite not wearing glasses I think I might need them as there was nothing shown that shouted next generation. I liked the careful wording of ‘captured on PS5’ with almost zero in-game footage.

I was pleasantly surprised – if that’s the right word to use – at the actual console reveal, though my first thought was how to get collected dust out the nooks and crannies.

Just when Microsoft balls it up, Sony didn’t disappoint by following suit. It seems that neither want my money as I certainty wouldn’t pay £500+ when you factor in console, charging kits, battery packs, online access, and games etc. from what I’ve seen so far.

On a plus it was nice to confirm Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil 8 and Horizon 1.5 – couldn’t make out if it was a sequel or a standalone expansion.

GC: There’s no need to exaggerate to make your point.

Good or great?
So I watched the PlayStation 5 reveal and I thought it was good… but not great.

I think the console itself looks cool, but the games just didn’t really excite me. I think the law of diminishing returns is definitely a factor here, I mean Gran Turismo looked good… but it was still just Gran Turismo with a new lick of paint.

I thought the Ratchet & Clank trailer was very cool but even then it didn’t look that much better than the PlayStation 4 game in terms of visuals.

I remember watching the reveal trailer for the Switch and I was giddy with excitement. This was something new, watching the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild trailer made my jaw drop, I watched it several times. I was counting the days until it was released.

It’s sequel Breath Of The Wild 2 is my most anticipated game of all time.

I’ve got nothing against the PlayStation 5, I think it’ll be a great console with some quality games. I’ll most likely be buying one at some point. I just wish Sony could excite me like Nintendo does.

Odd numbers
Seeing the trailer for the new Spider-Man game, I’m impressed. I love the fact that Spidey is so versatile. I can’t recall another superhero that has so many versions of the same character. Be it Into the Spider-Verse or the game many years back when we had Ultimate and Noir versions, no superhero has had this amount of branching out.

I did like it in Far From Home when Peter realised that there was a multiverse. Very interesting to keep Spidey relevant without messing with each iteration’s journey. This is why Spider-Man will continue to endure in our hearts. I’m going all in this generation. I’m realising now though that I never had PlayStation 2 or 4. I just seem to drop on the uneven numbers. Think there is a Star Trek gag in there somewhere…
D Dubya

GC: Are you not familiar with Zebra Batman?

Easy port
I like the design of the new PlayStation 5 hardware, very slick.

The PlayStation 4 represented a significant leap in technical performance that has changed my playing for the better. It has allowed PC games to port over to console more successfully, and more frequently.

Aside from console classics such as The Witcher 3, the real highlights of the generation have been XCOM 2/War Of The Chosen, Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, and Frostpunk. Will the technology of the PlayStation 5 fall even further into alignment with PC technology making the port process more reliable?
Matt Kirk

GC: CD Projekt is still a PC developer first and foremost, or are you just saying that because The Witcher 3 came out on consoles at the same time as PC?

Inside story
I’ve just finished Inside after purchasing it for the bargain price of £5.27 (on Xbox). I was expecting a strange game with it being from the makers of Limbo but nothing like this and I still can’t decide whether liked it or couldn’t stand it. Although playing it almost non-stop until completion probably answers that one!
PS: Any news on the already delayed Cuphead downloadable content GC?

GC: They don’t seem to have updated their Twitter account or website since July last year.

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Fair weather indie friend
‘Today’s the day that we’ve been looking forward to for years, when we get to show you just some of the games that demonstrate our belief that PlayStation 5 marks the biggest generational transition our industry has yet seen’ – Jim Ryan, 11/06/20, The Future of Gaming Show)

I understand why many were left unimpressed by the PlayStation 5 reveal. Like the Xbox Series X it had great games but didn’t come close to matching the rhetoric being thrown about.

I’m really looking forward to the new hardware as it should raise consoles above the bar I want to game at, which is 1080p/60fps. Better graphics, drastically reduced load times, faster frame rates, and just how much detail that will be able to be drawn on screen will make games look and feel a step above the current gen. But I suspect not a step up to match the current rhetoric. Maybe it will eventually but given the industry’s panache for hyperbole I probably won’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

But although agreeing with the criticism I’m excited for the games the new hardware will allow. The hardware is there to channel the developers’ creativity and talent and this hardware should give them the best tools possible for doing that. On a side note I was pleased as punch how much time smaller games had at the reveal. It seems Sony has rediscovered indies now they need them again to flesh out the next gens early years.

Inbox also-rans
So, err… still now word on that Nintendo Direct, eh? No hint at a date? If E3 had gone ahead it would’ve been over by this point and we’ve hard nothing from anyone except Sony. 2020 sucks…

Demon’s Souls is such a weird game to remake. I’m glad of it, because I haven’t played it, but what an odd choice. Does that imply that Elden Ring won’t be out any time soon either, in that they’re not worried about going up against it?

I wonder what Microsoft were thinking when they watch the Sony reveal? Do they think it was better or worse than they hoped? I think they’ll be glad that there was no megaton announcement at least, that Rockstar logo appearing at the beginning must have been a worry!

Glad to see the Inbox has not forget the beauty of Knack. Knack forever! (Seriously, thank god Sony didn’t let their ego get away with them there and try another one.)

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