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Google is shutting down its Photos subscription service

The Google Photos subscription service that allows users to print their photos for free will be discontinued, the Mountain View company confirmed earlier today. Currently, subscribers can print up to 10 photos for just $8 per month.

Unfortunately, it took Google just four months to realize that its service is not ready for primetime, so the company will take a step back and see whether or not it can be saved. As discovered by AndroidPolice, Google is now sending emails to subscribers to inform them that the service will be shut down at the end of the month.

Google also announced that subscribers will receive their monthly prints if they receive a monthly review email before June 25, 2020. From Google’s messages to subscribers, it seems that this is a “see you soon” rather than a “goodbye,” but that will probably depend on how the fast engineers will be able to improve the service based on the feedback received.

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