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How to Add Virtual Surround Sound to Any Headphones for Gaming -

DTS Sound Unbound With DTS Headphone:X

DTS Sound Unbound With DTS Headphone:X

While DTS may not be as recognizable a name as Dolby, it has been just as prominent in the surround sound space in recent years. You have almost certainly heard audio encoded with DTS tech on a Blu-ray before. Like Dolby, it also has an implementation of Windows Spatial Sound using DTS Headphone:X technology. To use it, download and install the DTS Sound Unbound app from the Microsoft Store, enable the DTS Headphone:X feature in the app, then select it from the sound icon in the taskbar.

The DTS Headphone:X feature is available as a 14-day free trial, but costs $20 to purchase for long-term use. (Make sure you’re purchasing the DTS Headphone:X decoder, and not the cheaper DTS:X decoder, which is designed for home theater systems—the DTS Headphone:X purchase includes both.) 

In my testing, DTS:X seemed to expand the sound stage more than Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. You still get a good sense of directionality, but it doesn’t amplify those ambient sounds the way Sonic and Atmos do. Some may like this more subtle approach, while others might prefer those sounds to be more audible in the heat of battle—it’s all personal preference.

DTS also has some useful options in the Sound Unbound app. If you click the DTS tab and choose Settings under DTS Headphone:X, you can select a specific tuning for your headphones. DTS has profiles for generic earbuds, generic over-ear headphones, as well as over 500 actual headphone models—just search for yours using the search bar. (I was happy to find it even supported my AKG Q701 headphones that I love so much.) You can then choose from Balanced or Spacious tunings on top of that, which will alter the sound even further.

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