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Lockwood Publishing partners with World of Dance for Avakin Life content | Pocket Gamer.biz

Lockwood Publishing has partnered with World of Dance to bring the TV show to Avakin Life.

In the social virtual world, players will be able to purchase new dance animations, and will be able to compete in a new competition in-game, which will run alongside Season 4 of the American programme. In June, players will start in the World of Dance studios before moving onto the main stage in July.

Furthermore, new fashion items will become available as will specially choreographed events. On top of this, two new environments based on World of Dance will be added to Avakin Life.

“Since Season 1 launched in 2017, World of Dance has captured audiences, performers and fans worldwide,” said World of Dance executive producer Matthew Everitt.

“Whether it’s the hit TV show, international tours, dance studios, fitness programs, our record label and artist management, we’re always looking for new ways to connect with our global community. Avakin Life offers an innovative way to take World of Dance to the next level.”

“Self expression”

“We believe in empowering users and pushing the limits of their self-expression, just as World of Dance does with each performer,” said Lockwood Publishing CEO Halli Bjornsson.

“Music, dancing and fashion are at the core of what our players love about Avakin Life. We listen closely to their passions, and this partnership is the next evolution in the Avakin experience, creating a more fully-realised universe than ever before.”

Last month, Lockwood’s virtual world game hit 200 million users. It currently sees 1.4 million daily active users, according to its latest figures.

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