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Skater XL Details New Skate Park Based On 25 Different Real World Spots

It’s been about 10 years since Skate 3 and it seems like the calls for Skate 4 have never died out. Well, on July 28, we get the full release of Skater XL which draws much inspiration from the skating sim style. It’s been in early access since December 2018 and we’ve been able to play it, but the official launch will feature more content.

During the Future Games Show, we saw the first look at an all new skate park called Easy Day High School. It’s a large school ground based on California campuses and incorporates 25 real world skate spots in the level itself. You can see a tour of the location from game director Dain Hedgpeth in the gameplay video below.

In Skater XL, the two analogue sticks control the feet of your skater. Instead of predetermined animations to pull of tricks, it’s all physics-based with the skateboard reacting to the analogue stick motions.

Skater XL comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. For more E3-style news from this week’s big game reveal streams, be sure to check out our stories below.

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