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Sketchy report implies Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will be a downgrade over the Galaxy Note 20

The publication claims that this decision has been taken to prevent the price of the flagship from ballooning as a recent report indicates that the price of the upcoming Snapdragon 875 will be over 50 percent higher than the Snapdragon 865 which powers the Galaxy S20 series.
The high price of Samsung’s latest flagship is reportedly already putting off buyers and a further increase would only make the matters worse. It doesn’t help that Apple has steadily been reducing the starting price of its phones and is expected to do the same this year.
Alternatively, Samsung might revise its strategy this year, and equip more of its flagships with the rumored Exynos 1000 processor that will reportedly be thrice as fast as the Snapdragon 865. Until the chip is released and put to test, it’s hard to believe that claim, given the performance gap between the Exynos 990 and the Snapdragon 865.

Thus, we are quite confident that Samsung wouldn’t be retaining the Snapdragon 865 for the Galaxy S21 (S30).

What does seem probable though is that the scaled-back version of the phone will be powered by the chip. The company has already launched a light version of the Galaxy S10 and it’s expected to do the same for the Galaxy S20. And interestingly enough, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G /Galaxy S20 Lite 5G is tipped to come with the Snapdragon 865, which gives us all the more reason to believe that the Galaxy S21 (S30) would not use an aged silicon.

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