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Summer Game Fest Developer Showcase Broadcasts June 22

There are numerous annual gaming events during the spring and summer presenting gamers with the year’s upcoming games, including E3 and GDC. But 2020’s lineup was shaken due to the ongoing pandemic, just as Sony and Microsoft prepare to release their next-generation hardware.

In place of this year’s annual gaming events, The Game Awards and other organizations will produce several online presentations. And the Summer Game Fest will bring a lineup of announcements to gamers eager for news on forthcoming titles.

What is the Summer Game Fest?

The Summer Game Fest is the digital replacement for annually recurring events such as Gamescom, E3, and more. As coronavirus concerns remain high, gaming companies have found a workaround in place of annual in-person expositions through streaming

It’s unknown if this format will recur in coming years. However, the Summer Game Fest appears to be the safest alternative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for proper social distancing.

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Whose presentations does Summer Game Fest include?

The Summer Game Fest runs from May through August. Until now, events like the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo and the Future of Gaming PS5 reveal were two of the Summer Game Fest’s biggest events. The former showed an impressive update of the popular Unreal Engine. The latter gave viewers their first in-depth look at the PlayStation 5 and some of the console’s premiere games.

The Summer Game Fest’s other June gaming events include the EA Play Live 2020 event, the Summer Game Fest Developer Showcase, Night City Wire, and Marvel’s Avengers: War Table. July’s most anticipated include Ubisoft Forward and Stadia Connect. Finally, the fest will be capped off in August with Gamescom.

Where can I watch the Summer Game Fest?

The Summer Game Fest’s events are streamed by several platforms. YouTube is one of the most prominent among them, though Twitch, Twitter, Mixer, and others will also host the events.

The events have proven the Summer Game Fest a success thus far. With new games and hardware to look forward to, it has given gamers some exciting first looks. However, it is far from over, as seen on the Summer Game Fest schedule. As such, there is plenty of content awaiting previews.

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