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The Bubbles multitasking feature is coming soon to the Android Messages app on Android 11

Android 11 beta 1 was released last week by Google which means that there quite a few Pixel 2 through Pixel 4 series units now running the first beta version of Android 11. One of the new features coming to Android 11 is called Bubbles. No, this feature has nothing to do with a stripper or that Mr. Bubbles liquid that you used to pour into your bath water giving you two reasons for bubbles to appear in your tub.
Actually, the new Bubbles feature on Android 11 is similar to the chat heads feature used in the Android version of Facebook Messenger. Let’s say that you’re chatting on Messenger with your girlfriend while at the same time you’re watching Apple’s WWDC Developers Conference, being streamed for free because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You don’t want to miss the new features coming to iOS 14 like the rumored customizable home page and Android-style widgets. On the other hand, Mary Jo is pissed because you seem to care more about phones than her. You don’t want to get caught switching back and forth between apps. With chat heads, you can continue focusing on WWDC. Whenever Mary Jo sends you a message, you can respond in a timely fashion thanks to chat heads.

So let’s say that you’re viewing the live stream from WWDC. When your girlfriend sends you a message, an avatar will appear on your phone’s screen. Tap on it to bring up the conversation and a field for your reply. This will work from any app so you can’t be accused of not paying attention to Mary Jo. Developers of Android apps will have to enable Bubbles so that they will work on their applications.

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