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WWDC: Apple ships a new Catalyst app for developers

Apple has introduced its Catalyst port of its Developers App for Mac users for the first time as it prepares for its online WWDC event. The entire event this year is being streamed online directly from Apple Park.

Full stream ahead

On the surface, the Developers app is a fairly basic port to the Mac from iOS. You get access to the video feeds, conference sessions, developer forums and 1-to-1 appointments on your Mac as well as on your iPad or iPhone.

“Over the last 30 years, developers around the world have been creating amazing apps that entertain, influence culture and change lives,” said Apple when it introduced the app. “The Apple Developer app helps everyone stay current and learn about the newest technologies and techniques to make their apps even better.”

The Apple Developer app will be the primary interface between developers and Apple at WWDC this year. It will provide videos, articles, technical guides and case studies throughout the event. It also lets developers find and favorite content from this year and previous year’s of WWDC.

Apple is promising more “actionable” content will be shared via the app, including information about inspiring engineers and app designers – and has also made a selection of iMessage stickers available,

Catalyst is critical

There have been some criticisms made of the Mac port, chiefly around what appear to be existing shortcomings of Catalyst apps. The lack of multi-window and full-screen support in the Mac app are two such complaints, but it’s unlikely Apple is blind to the limitations of the current environment, which it will certainly improve on the road ahead.

Apple knows it must do just that.

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