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Xbox Lockhart specs and multiple consoles revealed in leaked document

This fan mock-up of the Lockhart is certainly less fridge-like (pic: Reddit/u/jiveduder)

A newly leaked Microsoft document lends further credence to the existence of the less powerful Lockhart, as well as multiple other consoles.

If you’re still wondering why Microsoft’s new console is being called the Xbox Series X, it’s because it’s generally believed to be part of a series of new consoles from the company.

For example, one of these other consoles, codenamed Lockhart and assumed to be called the Xbox Series S, is believed to be a less powerful but cheaper version of the standard console.

There is no official information about it at this point, but details regarding it and multiple Project Scarlett consoles (Project Scarlett being the original codename for the Xbox Series X) have been leaked via a Microsoft document, as reported by The Verge.

Specifically, the document mentions a Lockhart profiling mode, which is part of the development kit for the Xbox Series X.

According to sources close to The Verge, this mode allows developers to enable a separate mode that has a profile of the performance of the Lockhart console. Basically, it means developers can test to see how their games would run on the less powerful console.

Apparently, the Lockart will come with 7.5 gigabytes of usable RAM and around four teraflops of GPU performance, compared to the Xbox Series X’s 13.5 gigabytes of RAM and 12 teraflops.

Since Microsoft has yet to formally announce this second console, it’s unknown whether it will release alongside the Xbox Series X as a cheaper alternative. But that now seems more likely given that Sony will be offering two variations of its PlayStation 5 console, with one being a cheaper digital edition.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year.

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