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You’ll get more done with these 10 Mac tips

Amid the ongoing distractions of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to remember  millions are using their Macs every day to get work done. These tips should help you work more efficiently, giving you more time to catch up on everything else.

Use Do Not Disturb

Zoom calls, Teams conferences, phone calls, emails, instant messages, Slack conversations – does anyone else get stressed out that working remotely ends up being so noisy? It’s hard to focus through interruption, so use Do Not Disturb to buy yourself some mental space.

On your Mac, press the Option key and tap the Notifications icon in the top right. You’ll see its color change to light gray, which means Do Not Disturb is activated. Now you’ll receive no application notifications until you enable it again.

Staying online 

They used to say only death and taxes were certainties in life. Today you can add “and intermittent Internet access” to the list. If you use an iPhone as well as a Mac, you can try this (though it won’t help with death and taxes). Open Catalina’s System Preferences>Network and look for the new-to-Catalina Auto Hotspot item which will automatically connect your Mac via your iPhone if you have Personal Hotspot running on your smartphone.

Here are some more productivity tips for macOS Catalina.

Full screen, Split View

Tap the green traffic light icon in any app to enter full screen mode. This gives you the greatest possible display space (though you can make this even greater by hiding your Dock and enabling Automatically hide and show the Menu bar in System Preferences>General.

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